Fenixx Technologies LLC
6633 Diplomat Drive
Sterling Heights, MI 48314
P. 586-254-6000
F. 586-254-6077

Intelligent Taper Controls
90,000 PSI Pump

Fenixx Technologies, LLC uses Mitsubishi's state of the art DX612 waterjet built with the new KMT STREAMLINE PRO 90,000 psi ultra high pressure pump. The DX612 waterjet uses high pressure water with an abrasive substance to create a cutting tool that can cut through virtually any material. By incorporating precision servos, CAD-CAM generated CNC code and Intelligent Taper Control cutting heads, complex shapes can be cut quickly and very accurately (+/-.002") for any production volume required.

Materials that can be cut with a waterjet include: Aluminum, Tool Steel, Inconel, Brass, Titanium, Kirksite, Granite, Plastics, Foam, Rubber, Composites, Paper and much more.

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