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Our Mitsubishi waterjet features an Intelligent Taper Control (ITC) via a mechanical C-axis that automatically compensates for the lag in the waterjet process. A number of factors influence the amount of taper in a cut including cut speed and the thickness and hardness of the material being cut. Greatly reducing cut speed is one way to easily reduce or eliminate taper, but it slows down productivity.

The ITC system continually analyzes the cutting process and tilts the cutting head up to 2 degrees to reduce or eliminate the taper without slowing down the cut speed. The result is a final part that is produced faster and with straighter walls regardless of the thickness or type of material being cut.

  • 1 or 2 degree mechanical tilt compensates for the jet getting wider as it exits the focus tube.

  • The C-axis rotates a given amount from the database and decreases the lag in the direction of the cut. This compensates the "lag" amount to make the part straight without slowing down.
Part cut without ITC
Part Cut with ITC
Example of 3/4" Part Cut without ITC
Taper = .02"/side
Example of 3/4" Part Cut with ITC