Fenixx Technologies LLC
6633 Diplomat Drive
Sterling Heights, MI 48314
P. 586-254-6000
F. 586-254-6077

Stamping, bending and forming are a specialty at Fenixx. Our capabilities range from forming sheet metal in 3 piece draw dies to bending 1 inch thick plates of aluminum. On the most difficult jobs we will use die simulation. Die simulation will accurately predict die design flaws such as corner thinning and tears, wrinkling, inadequate binder force and improper blank development. Simulation shortens build time and reduces tooling costs.

We also have the capability to work with a variety of exotic materials, ranging form aluminum to stainless steel to high heat resistant metals such as Inconel. Fenixx supplies everything from very low prototype volumes up to full production. When combined with 5-axis laser and machining operations, Fenixx has the ability to create accurate, complex and repeatable parts at a very low cost.

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