Fenixx Technologies LLC
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Sterling Heights, MI 48314
P. 586-254-6000
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Fenixx Technologies can handle many of your 3 and 5-axis machining requirements. 5-Axis Machining capabilities provide multi-directional and continuous cutting on complex shapes in a single set-up. This capability creates benefits that include lower machining costs, improved accuracy and a reduction in lead times. Lower machining costs and improved accuracy are realized thru the elimination of multiple set ups and fixtures.

Tool life is also extended because the cutter can be oriented towards the surface. This allows the use of shorter tools, reducing tool vibration and enabling longer tool life and improved surface finishes. Reducing lead times is accomplished by eliminating set-ups. Even drilling holes on numerous compound angles is quick and accurate. It is also quicker to turn around prototypes and low volume part runs. Rather then waiting for a part to be cast, a part can be machined from a billet of material in one set-up quickly.

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