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Reverse EngineeringReverse EngineeringFenixx Technologies, LLC ability to provide an accurate and cost-effective solution for the refurbishment of aged or damaged dies was recently put to the test. A tier-one automotive supplier had a damaged form detail in which no drawing or design data was available, consequently costing the company thousands of dollars for every hour the press was down.

Fenixx Technologies major responsibility was to replace the broken detail efficiently, but more importantly, accurately. Utilizing our non-contact laser scanner, we were able to quickly reverse engineer the damaged detail; thus creating a CAD model essential for replicating the form detail. From the pre-design phase to the actual manufacturing of the replacement detail, Fenixx saw the entire project through from beginning to end; ultimately getting the press up and running again.

With these innovations, tools and parts can be scanned and analyzed to improve production and quality. The experience and capabilities at Fenixx enables us to not only help find the problem but also offer a quick, accurate and affordable solution.

Reverse Engineering